Applied Meta is a new venture that is in the early stages of commercializing a revolutionary P2P platform technology. In development since 1993, the technology was born from an ahead-of-it's time vision to enable the networks of the future to work together as one powerful virtual machine, regardless of device, location or underlying operating system. Today the technology is robust and proven, and has been successfully used during the last 3 years by a group of charter users.

Applied Meta recently received a significant investment from Polaris Venture Partners, an early stage venture firm with over $1.2 billion under management. Polaris has a track record of backing extraordinarily successful early stage information and medical technology companies, including some of the most successful information technology companies in recent history, such as Akamai, Allaire, and Avici Systems.

Stay tuned for developments over the coming months, as Applied Meta begins to capitalize on the many potential applications for it's visionary technology!

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