In large part, the Internet was born of government-sponsored supercomputing projects. ARPANET, HTML and MOSAIC are all examples of technologies that ignited and fueled the Internet revolution. In a similar way, Applied Meta's P2P technology was developed in conjunction with the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NASA and the National Science Foundation for highly complex, high performance computing projects at the University of Virginia. Since 1998, Applied Meta's technology has been successfully deployed at over 20 sites, and is in active use for many high profile, real world high performance computing projects.

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Over 7 years ago, Applied Meta's founder, Dr. Andrew Grimshaw, saw the coming revolution of the networked world. He envisioned the increasingly exciting, but complex, future of information technology and computing. Applied
Meta's technology was built around the principle of developing an integrated infrastructure that would allow all types of digital devices and resources - regardless of scale, physical location, language and underlying operating system - to work together as one highly powerful, virtual machine.

Today, Applied Meta has a strong vision of how P2P technology will impact Global 2000 enterprises and is currently in the early stages of commercializing a P2P platform technology. The technology has many significant potential applications. The company is already working with select charter customers on high performance computing applications.

Prior to commercialization, those involved with the technology understood the complexities of building an integrated infrastructure, yet recognized that the time and cost involved would make development prohibitive in a commercial setting. The decision to "do it right," without compromise, was made. This consistency of vision and attention to the design process - including an architecture built around security - resulted in a technology that is both robust, and appropriate for the increasing complex needs of users. Real world deployment of the technology over the last 3 years, has allowed Applied Meta to develop a technology that is both proven and mature.

Applied Meta's technology is the next stage in the evolution of the networked environment, creating the ability to harness the power of networked resources simply, easily, and inexpensively.

It is the only general purpose integrated "platform" that can enable all forms of P2P and distributed computing applications. The technology runs on all major operating systems and platforms giving organizations the ability to fully capitalize on the vast array of resources, without the need to deal with or understand the complexities of the underlying networked world.

Applied Meta's technology connects networks, workstations, handheld devices, supercomputers, and other computing resources into a system that can encompass multiple organizations, architectures, operating systems, and physical locations. There is no central "big brother" to control and oversee each resource. Instead, each resource is treated as an independent element. Applied Meta provides a coherent, secure framework in which these elements can be combined and used efficiently, creating the illusion and benefit of working on a single, powerful, virtual machine.